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The UGA Small Satellite Research Laboratory was founded in 2016 with the goal of launching a student built spacecraft - a CubeSat - into low earth orbit. Our mission is to place UGA among the top space faring Universities in the world and to give UGA a permanent presence in outer space. We aim to teach students how to design, build, and operate spacecraft while providing our faculty with unique space based data.

The deadline for fall applications is Saturday, September 2nd 2017. Interviews will start a week after the application closes.

Applying early is encouraged.  

This is a three round application process.
1) Application Submission
2)Personal Interview
3)Technical Interview
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Software & Programming Language Questions

What programming languages, markup languages, and Query Languages do you know? *

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What CAD software do you know?

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What serial communication architectures are you familiar with? *

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Team and Position Interest Questions

Which mission interests you most? *

SPOC is the the (SP)ectral (O)cean (C)olor Satellite. It will observe the coasts of Georgia using a hyper-spectral payload that operates from 400nm - 850nm. SPOC will launch in ~2018.

MOCI is the (M)apping and (O)cean (C)olor (I)mager Satellite. It will demonstrate the feasibility of terrain mapping in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) with SfM (Structure from Motion). MOCI may launch in ~2020.

Rocket X is an experimental rocket development team that will seek to build UGA's first suborbital launch vehicle.

Visit to learn more.

What team would you most like to join? *

All SSRL missions are split into 4 teams: Electronics, Mechanical, Mission Operations, and Research. In addition to these teams, there is a Lab Operations team that oversees the entire research lab.

Electronics Team: Deals with programming the spacrcraft, PCB design/fabrication, Power Systems analysis, BUS integration, building data budgets, and testing satellite to ground transmissions.

Mechanical Team: Deals with physical component assembly, performs stress/thermal/vibration tests & analysis, designs spacecraft structures, accounts for material properties, designs and manufactures any custom components or optics systems.

Mission Operations: Deals with day in the life simulations, link budgets, ground station equipment/design/support, concepts of operation, and physical operation of the satellite while in orbit.

Research Team: Leads the development of any specialized payload, provides mission requirements, analyzes the scientific data from the mission, performs risk assessments, and performs any feasibility simulations.

Lab Operations: Maintains lab infrastructure, manages internal services, handles all servers and websites, deals with business operations and monetization efforts, insures the integrity of cleanrooms and testing equipment. Develops mechanical tools that the lab uses to manufacture components. Developing and managing outreach and education initiatives. Refining lab processes.

Let us know what positions you are interested in.

What Electronics Team positions are you interested in?

What Mechanical Team positions are you interested in?

What Mission Operations positions are you interested in?

What Research Team positions are you interested in?

What Lab Operations positions are you interested in?

Involvement Questions

If you are involved in any other clubs/organizations please list them below: *

Describe a personal or group project that you are proud of *

Why do you think space exploration is important? *

Why do you think you should work at the Small Satellite Research Laboratory? *

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